What our Clients have to say..


“Cindy took on a very large project for me and she definitely exceeded my expectations. I have been in business for 25 years and I engaged Cindy's services to give my whole business image a big face lift. I asked her to design a new logo, to improve my marketing materials, my business cards and the largest of all projects: take my multi page website and make it look new and fresh. I thought I knew the look I wanted but the suggestions she made were so much better than what I had in mind. Cindy is very up to date on the latest marketing philosophies, she researched my potential client base and found out what would really attract my target audience. I also found that all of the business partners that she utilized on my project were first rate. I was very impressed, I am thrilled with the outcome and I recommend her and Carpe Viam Group very highly!!”

                                     -Pat Cascio, Owner, Morningside Nannies


“I am so grateful to be working with Cindy Aggson. She is an amazing marketing coach with very fresh and creative ideas. She knows exactly what needs to happen to propel my business forward. She is very enthusiastic and positive, a pure joy to work with. She believes in what I am doing and provides great support. I highly recommend Cindy for all marketing needs.”

-Jayne Dearborn, Chief Design Officer, Designs by Jayne


“Cindy Aggson is an amazing, creative and extremely talented marketing genius. She brings all of her enthusiasm and experience together to work with small business owners to create their unique marketing message and get it out to the world. Cindy helped craft just the right message for my vision for Flourish and she has been a major driver in moving Flourish from a dream to a reality in a very short time. I highly recommend her. She is a valued member of the Flourish team!”

           -Nancy Thompson, Owner, Flourish


“Cindy Aggson is an enthusiastic and experienced marketing coach and chief evangelist for The Carpe Viam Group. Her 17 years in corporate marketing and business development serves her clients well. Frequently referred to as the Energizer Bunny and a glow worm, Cindy leaves you inspired, encouraged and ready to move forward. I gladly endorse Cindy and The Carpe Viam Group!”

-Rebecca Shapiro,  President & CEO, Savvy Collaborative


“Cindy's enthusiasm coupled with her uncanny knack for linking the right people together for a successful outcome are two of the many reasons I am happy to recommend her.”

-Debra Gilmour, CEO, Almour Group, Public Policy & Media Relations


“The Carpe Viam Group is extremely effective and professional, they helped us identify our market potential and successfully deploy our launch plan.”

-Dave Yasnoff, Owner, Hype Connect


“I love Cindy's energy and enthusiasm - it is absolutely contagious! When you find an individual with type of forward thinking perspective it is hard to imagine moving your business forward without them. I would encourage anyone looking for marketing and public relations support for their business to work with Cindy and her creativity.”

-Karen Kleinwort, Owner, Therapy in Transition


“The Carpe Viam Group takes a holistic approach to marketing.  Caring for the mind, body and spirit of the client while professionally guiding their project forward.  They instill confidence in their ability to handle any and all aspects of your marketing needs.  Serving as a virtual partner and interacting with you on all levels as basic or complex as they may be. Their staff  has always shown a personal interest in me, making me feel confident that me and my project are important.  They also instill confidence that they have the client’s best interest at heart by making wise decisions as to how money would best be spent so as to get the most for the client’s

dollar.  Carpe Viam designed my marketing plan and we are partnering to implement my strategy. They are steering my business

toward sure success!”

-Katie Johnson, President,  Kix By Katie


“I have worked with Cindy on numerous occasions in which she always put herself 110% into what she is doing. Cindy takes on every 'job' with heart and soul and goes above and beyond what is required, working hard, smart and with extraordinary results. She is inspiring, caring and perseverant. With her skills and experience in marketing, PR and customer relations...this makes her invaluable”

-Erica Manthe, Chief Creative Officer, Inspired Designs


“I've had several opportunities to observe Cindy in business situations. She has the perfect combination of solid talent and creative energy. She is great at brainstorming and then providing grounded inspiration (doesn't just gush about wouldn't it be great to be on Oprah, but plans out practical routes for achieving goals). I've observed her be a tireless advocate for her clients, always with a smile and and a thoughtful comment.”

Chrys Hutchins, Owner, Eco-Luxury Fur



We are incredibly fortunate to work on

projects we feel passionately about

& it shows in the results...

"Life takes on meaning when you become motivated,

set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner."

        - Les Brown